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Hunter Cichy Poker Coaching

Cookie-cutter poker coaching is a thing of the past. Whether you're a visual, aural or kinesthetic learner, I've developed new teaching methods to uncap your learning ability and help you overcome roadblocks on your way to success. The software programs below are just a handful of the tools I use.


I've been preaching solid pre-flop fundamentals for a long time. Many of my less experienced students come to me looking for default pre-flop ranges. If you're looking for some quick and dirty pre-flop charts, take a look at the PreflopAdvisor app.


I've been using PokerSnowie since the beginning. When it first came out, it was tougher than any artificial intelligence I had seen before. With the addition of new bet sizes and range breakdowns, it has gotten even stronger. 


This is an extremely powerful poker equity calculator. I've worked directly with RJ, the Founder and Chief Developer of PokerCruncher, to improve the user interface and make it even more efficient. I'm very proud to be a respected affiliate. 


I'm a big fan of the app Max Silver created to simulate short stack tournament situations. It produces game theory optimal push/fold charts for all stack sizes and blind structures. It's one of the apps I frequently use between hands.

Poker Income Pro

Most live poker players are really sloppy when it comes to accounting. Poker Income Pro makes it easy to track wins, losses, game type, date, time, location and much more! It also backs up all of your data in the cloud so you never have to worry.

Need more details? Send me an email.

I'm always available and willing to help.

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