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Hunter Cichy Poker Coaching
Why do you need coaching?

Elite athletes, hedge fund managers, and CEOs are constantly seeking out consultants that are the best of the best in their chosen fields. High-performance individuals know how to save tremendous amounts of time and money by hiring outliers to solve problems. Why don't poker players do the same?


I've systematically outlined a poker coaching system that pinpoints leaks and produces massive results in weeks instead of months or years. All you have to do is schedule a coaching session by email, send a PayPal payment, and log in to Skype. I'll take care of everything else. 

Pre-Flop Ranges

Whether you want to focus on NLHE or PLO, cash or MTTs, my one-on-one coaching program always starts with a brief review of optimal pre-flop ranges and how they can be modified to maximally exploit weak competition.

Post-Flop Algorithms

After learning to construct robust pre-flop ranges, I will teach you to follow a step-by-step post-flop questionnaire that will take the guesswork out of hand reading by forcing you to consider the right variables in the right order every time. 

Mental Math

It's not enough to be familiar with pot odds, implied odds, all-in equity, and fold equity. Every action of every hand, you have to quickly and accurately perform these mental math calculations in your head. I will teach you a handful of rapid math tricks and tips that will drastically improve your ability to do these calculations in real time. 


After discussing pre-flop ranges, post-flop algorithms and mental math, I will help you tie it all together as you battle the toughest poker-playing artificial intelligence program developed to date. You will play hundreds of hands per hour while I provide real-time commentary on each decision. 

Progress Reports

After 4-7 hours of core concepts coaching, I encourage my students to continue studying on their own as they put in hours at the table and learn to implement what they've been taught. Almost always, they choose to schedule monthly follow up sessions to review study assignments, hand histories, and their overall performance. 

Private Coaching Services

Need more details? Send me an email.

I'm always available and willing to help.

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