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Caribbean Christmas Adventure

Celebrity Cruises

My family flew into Fort Lauderdale to spend Christmas with me in Florida this year. It was good to see them after months of non-stop poker action. They booked an all-inclusive vacation with Celebrity Cruises. Our ship left from a port conveniently located five minutes from my house. We were headed to Cozumel, Mexico!


We spent two days at sea, enjoying the great food and drinks. The pool, spa, and scheduled activities kept us entertained as we prepared for the Christmas festivities to come. I even found time to slip away and play some $100 + $20 SNG’s on the electronic PokerPro™ tables. The rake was outrageous and the structure was terrible, but I enjoyed getting lectured by some crusty retirees. Notice the sick rail action in the background.


The ship docked in Cozumel on the 3rd day of our trip. We spent a few hours taking a tour of the island. I thoroughly enjoyed sampling a wide variety of locally produced, organic tequila products.


Later, we made our way over to some Mayan ruins. I took some time to make a Check Shove blood sacrifice to the poker gods after finding an ancient altar in the jungle. I could feel the power of eternal run good being restored to my withered body after a long year of crushing.

Cozumel Beach

Now we’re in Key West and I'm craving some key lime pie. I'll keep you guys posted as I prepare for the Lucky Hearts Poker Open at Seminole Hard Rock starting January 7th. Merry Christmas!

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